Widow’s Peak : What Does it Mean?


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You’ve Heard the Term, But What Does it Mean?

The widow’s peak is a term we give to a person with a “v shaped hairline”. Although uncommon, the widow’s peak exists in almost every race of humans. On this page, you’ll find everything you need to know about the widow’s peak, and what you can do if you’re self-conscious about it.

What is a widow’s peak?

A widow’s peak is a name we give to a hairline with a distinctive “V” shape. The widow’s peak is an uncommon, perhaps even rare, genetic trait that leaves a crooked hairline.

You can tell a widow’s peak by looking at the middle of someone’s forehead. If you see a distinctive v-shape in the hairline that rounds out into the temples and sides of the head, then this is a widow’s peak.

Although the widow’s peak can make some people feel self conscious, this distinctive style takes minimal styling and many people show off this hairline with pride.

Some of the most popular celebrities in the world have a widow’s peak, such as: Leonardo Di Caprio, Alex Turner, Marilyn Monroe, and Kourtney Kardashian.

Although the widow’s peak is not the same as an “m” shaped hairline (a hairline we associate with a condition called male pattern baldness), it can also develop into receding hairline. So this is something to watch out for.

Widow’s Peaks And Baldness Aren’t The Same Things

When we think of balding in men, we can usually spot the beginning of this by something called an “m” shaped hairline.

This is where the centre of the hairline is still in tact, but either side of the hairline recedes up into the temple area, creating an “m” shape.

Whilst a widow’s peak hairline may look similar, you’ll be able to spot the difference on two key factors:

1) the distinct v shape in the middle of the hairline. someone with an m-shape will have a flatter looking front to the hairline.

2) an m-shaped hairline recedes further from this point. Unless you have a v-shaped hairline that is receding as well, you should not expect to see further balding.

Do Widow’s Peak look good?

The Widow’s peak is a timeless look that will always be sleek and stylish. From Dracula to the Wolf of Wall Street, there are a number of ways to wear a widow’s peak.

We’ve devised this useful list of hairstyles to help you style your widow’s peak permanently. Whether you’re a fan or not, there’s plenty you can do for your widow’s peak.

Slicked Back Hair

The slicked back hairstyle is one of the most popular hairstyles for those with a widow’s peak.

With some styling products, like a wax or brylcreem, a gentleman can slick his hairstyle back for a professional look.

This hairstyle is fantastic if you’re needing to look professional. Whether it’s for a wedding, special event, or job interview, a slicked back hairstyle will always help a man look the part.

Pompadour Hairstyle

The pompadour style is where a large volume of hair is combed, or styled, upwards to give the impression of plenty of hair.

The style developed within the French aristocracy in the 1700s. To own a pompadour wig was a sign of lavish wealth. In more recent times, this style has been associated with films such as The Great Gatsby and the “flapper” generation.

In today’s world, a pompadour hairstyle is a great way to show off your widow’s peak to the world. It’s fantastic for those long nights at the disco-tech or nightclub!

Slanted Fringe

If you are unhappy with your widow’s peak, you can always wear grow your hair to have a fringe going in one slanted direction.

Doing so will help to draw attention away from your widow’s peak. If you are suffering with a receding hairline, this can also be a fantastic way to cover your signs of baldness.

How do you get rid of a widow’s peak?

If you’re looking to get rid of a widow’s peak, then there are two solutions you can use to remove it.

The first is to use an at home waxing kit. Of course, an at home waxing kit is not a permanent solution, and you would need to perform this every couple of weeks.

Another problem with this is that is can, if done incorrectly, harm the rest of your hairline. One wrong move, and you may need to be taking a trip to the barbers or hair salon to fix any problems with your hairline.

However, there is one long term solution: an FUE hair transplant. With the new development in a method called FUE, surgeons are now able to perform a hairline transplant surgery on any patient.

Moreover, if you’re suffering with some signs of crown balding, we can also help with this. a hair transplant is a great way to fix your hairline and restore your self confidence.

What causes a widow’s peak?

Current research believes the widow’s peak to be largely down to genetic conditions that we inherit from our parents.

It is believed that the widow’s peak does not come from a dominant gene. In fact, it is believed to be recessive.

Widow Peak Myths

So, one of the most interesting things about the widow’s peak is its rich history of myth and fantasy that surrounds it. With the widow’s peak likening a lady to being a witch, it’s clear to see why the v shaped point has definitely become a section of unwanted hair.

Myth-busting Exercise: Widow’s Peak Predicts an Early Widowhood

The most famous myth surrounding the widow’s peak is the belief that it predicts early widowhood. In times gone by, it was previously believed that a woman with a widow’s peak would have a higher chance of becoming a widow at an early age.

As you have probably guessed, there is no scientific evidence whatsoever to back this up. With these sorts of tales, it is likely the case that one lady’s husband died and she happened to have a widow’s peak.

In scientific terms, all a widow’s peak appears to be is one of many genetic traits inherited from your parents.

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