Hair Transplant for Scar Repair

Average Cost: £5,000
Typical Method Used: FUE


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Can hair follicles be used to cover over scar tissue? They absolutely can! Hair transplant surgery is one of the safest ways you can conceal scar tissue, surgical scars, and even skin grafts. Keep reading to find out more.

Hair Transplants on Scar Tissue: an Overview

Hair transplants are becoming increasingly popular for those seeking to repair scars caused by different types of injuries. These medical procedures have been used for decades and provide a far-reaching solution that goes beyond skin-deep healing.

Hair transplants can work to conceal damaged scarred skin from injuries, using donor hair grafts (transplantable hair follicles) to cover up any sign of skin trauma. Healthy hair follicles contain stem cells that create new tissue and, in some cases, help to repair damaged skin.

Hair transplants on scar tissue can be done using two methods: follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE). However, in almost all cases, an FUE hair transplant is used for scar repair.

What is Scar Tissue?

Scar tissue, is a type of fibrous connective tissue that forms when the body repairs the damage from an injury or surgery. It is made up of collagen fibres, which are produced in response to inflammation and replace any damage or lost tissue.

Scar tissue is usually less flexible and resilient than the original tissue, with a distinct appearance. It can vary in colour, size, shape, and texture depending on the cause and location of the injury.

Why Can’t Hair Grow Through Scar Tissue?

Hair generally has difficulty growing through scar tissue because it has poor circulation. Scar tissue has a much lover level of blood flow compared to other areas, so the hair follicles struggle to receive enough oxygen and nutrients needed for growth.

Additionally, scar tissue may not be as flexible as other areas of the skin, making it difficult for new hair follicles to penetrate through the hard tissue.

Of course, if hair follicles are implanted during surgery, then there is no reason why these hairs cannot grow.

Why Cover up Scar Tissue?

There are several reasons why people choose to cover up scars. One of the most common is for cosmetic reasons, as scars can be unsightly and lead to low self-esteem or a lack of confidence in physical appearance.

Other people may choose to cover scars to protect them from further damage due to everyday activities such as shaving or applying makeup.

Additionally, some people may choose to cover up scars for medical reasons, as certain scarring can be indicative of underlying health conditions.

Hair Transplant for scar repair: which method is best?

A hair transplant designed to cover scar tissue still raises the same questions as a typical hair transplant surgery: which method is going to provide the best result and least amount of scarring?

Hair Transplant, Treatment, Surgery

The two most popular methods of hair transplant are FUE and FUT. In today’s world, almost all hair transplants that are perfumed use FUE, or Direct Hair Implantation (DHI), a very similar type of hair transplant.

Historically, FUT, sometimes called “strip surgery” had been used. But this leaves a lifelong scar on the pack of patients’ head. For patients seeking scar repair, follicular unit transplantation causes the very issue that the patients are trying to cover!

So, what is the best hair scar repair procedure?

FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

Undoubtedly, FUE hair transplant for scar repairs is the way to go! FUE leaves no nasty lifelong scar. Instead, it provides patients with a 10-14 day recovery period, for the initial scabs (caused during the procedure) to fully heal.

During a follicular unit extraction hair transplant, a small punch tool is used to remove healthy hair follicles from the donor area. Then, all of your hair grafts are analysed individually by a technician. From here, a series of tiny incisions are made into the scalp, allowing the donor follicles to be inserted directly into the recipient area of the scar.

Can I hair transplant over scar tissue?

Yes, it is possible to use a hair transplant procedure to repair and improve scarring. However, it should be noted that the success of the procedure will largely depend on the type of scarring, as well as the health of the skin beneath the scar.

In some cases, certain types of scarring may not be amenable to a successful hair transplant, so it’s important to speak with an experienced surgeon before undergoing any treatment.

Hair transplant procedures may also be used to camouflage existing scarring by creating a more blended look.

How Do I Know If I’m Eligible for a Scar Repair Hair Transplant surgery?

Although a hair transplant works is available to almost all of the UK population, there are many individual factors with scar patients that can affect their eligibility for a treatment.

For example, if a patient has a hypertrophic (too thick) scar then it can limit the amount of blood that gets to the newly grafted hair follicles. This may prevent the patient from growing their hair, post-surgery. Of course, this then affects the overall result if hair follicles are not able to grow properly

Comparatively, if the scar tissue is atrophic (too thin) then the scar tissue may be too delicate to hold transplanted follicles. This may result in a lower graft yield than anticipated.

If you’re worried about your eligibility or surgery-efficacy rate, then don’t hesitate to speak to one of our hair transplant consultants. Our consultants and surgeons have years of experience in performing scar repair hair transplants. There are no safer pairs of hands!

During your free video consultation, your surgeon will ask for your medical history. If you have a recent history of inflammatory diseases, then it is always recommended that you do not have a hair restoration surgery – until at least 2 years since your last flare up.

Inflammation in the scar could result in your surgery result being compromised. So, having your inflammatory disease under control is of paramount importance.

What Can I Do to Ensure Hair Transplant Efficacy for Scar Repair?

After a successful hair transplant for scar repair, there are some additional steps you can take to ensure good results. First, follow your surgeon’s aftercare instructions and keep the site clean. Regularly apply an antibiotic ointment and dressings, as prescribed by your surgeon.

Additionally, avoid excessive heat, such as the sun or hot showers, at the site of the hair transplant surgery. Lastly, be sure to eat a healthy diet and take vitamin supplements that can improve blood supply and promote new hair growth.

Do I need a PRP Treatment After my Hair Transplant Scar Repair?

In most cases, yes. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy can be used to help repair scar tissue following a hair transplant procedure. PRP helps to reduce inflammation, improve circulation and healing, and stimulate the growth rate of new hair follicles in scarred areas.

Additionally, PRP may also be used for other types of scarring as well as a treatment for alopecia areata. But how does PRP work?

PRP therapy is a promising treatment for hair loss, especially when used in conjunction with hair transplants. PRP is a concentrated mix of platelets derived form a patient’s own blood. It is injected into the scalp and stimulates the growth of new hair follicles by providing a rich source of nutrients, hormones, and proteins.

As PRP is very effective in ensuring new hair growth in scar tissue hair transplant patients, we always recommend a full three course treatment. For £995, this will help your transplanted hair follicles grow quicker and stronger.

Patient Testimonials

Aside from achieving fantastic results, we believe that keeping in touch with our patients before, during and after their hair transplantation procedure is paramount – it helps to keep our patients feeling calm and in control. We’re always on hand to provide guidance, support and aftercare advice. Time and again, our patients tell us that this is what sets us apart from other clinics.

You can read our great reviews of FUE hair transplants over on Google and TrustPilot

Based on 26 reviews
John P Ronan
John P Ronan
Very few can deliver a professional service whilst ensuring that all clients receive first -class personalised treatment, turning what can be a daunting experience into something of relative ease. Both Kevin, Dr Karla, and their surgical team certainly did this (and then some!) Once my mind was made up to have hair loss treatment, I was keen to get my transplant done asap. Kevin exceeded all my expectations with this - it’s hard to believe that my journey from first consultation to surgery happened in the space of one month. Efficiency did not stop there - on the day of surgery, my transplant was completed in less than 6 hours, all the while ensuring that I was comfortable and pain-free. Security is the best word that comes to mind to describe Dr Karla’s care -you know you’re in experienced hands! Now I can look forward to the results over the next few months, with the added peace of mind that the Harley Street Clinic team are only a phone call or email away to address any concerns. They will be the first name I will recommend to anyone looking for effective hair loss treatment, and I hope to make use of their service again in the future should I need it.
anees haseem
anees haseem
Dr karla is an excellent Dr gives out great advice and is so friendly I have enjoyed meeting the team overall kind and friendly team 10/10
Spencer Aldridge
Spencer Aldridge
From my first contact with Kevin he has provided great customer service, responding quickly or questions, offering consultations and giving me time to make my decision (not a salesman like I have experienced before). He is extremely knowledgeable in this area and so far everything he has told me has been true! Dr Kalra is a fantastic doctor and he knows everything there is to know about hair loss, I trust him completely. The surgery went smoothly, some of the injections hurt at the start but after that it’s the sitting still for hours that is the hardest part. The nurses were also brilliant they were happy to talk to you if you initiated conversation but didn’t chew your ear off if you were quiet. It is 4 months since my surgery and the the hair in the top of my head is almost fully covered with a few thinner spots where I previously had no hair at all, it seems to be noticeably thickening up weekly so I think one more month and no one would ever know I used to be bald! The donor area was completely healed and unnoticeable after 4 weeks. The aftercare has also been great, I have followed the instructions and I am very happy with the results so far.
Matty B
Matty B
I got a hair transplant and PRP for my hair. Im 19 years old and it’s the best decision I made so far. Manchester hair transplant clinic have been amazing. They were brilliant at welcoming me into getting a hair transplant and amazing at doing the job right. I will defiantly be going to them later on in my life if/when another is needed due to my age. I would highly recommend their service to anyone interested 😊
Richard Morris
Richard Morris
So after years of thinking about having a hair transplant i finally phoned up Harley street hair transplant clinic and spoke to Kevin who was extremely helpful answering all my questions.The transplant was on the 29th Jan 2022 by Dr Kalra and his team who made me feel really relaxed and comfortable. They were all very professional and very friendly. The procedure went great, no pain at all and I was extremely happy with the results. I can’t thank Kevin, Dr Kalra and his team enough, even the after care was unbelievable, thanks again guys. Highly recommend, 5 star service all day long. Cheers Richie
I was quite scared before going into surgery, but Dr kalra reassured me the procedures were straight forward and easy going. And he was amazing and so were the team. Everyone was polite and professional and I will recommend this team to anybody else 🙂
Anthony Davies
Anthony Davies
Had my FUE hair transplant on Saturday 5th February 2022 for receding hair line and balding crown. I’ve been thinking about a hair transplant for the last 2 years, I’ve heard bad stories and good stories as you do when you look through the internet or watching YouTube videos. I spoke with Kevin in January, great with explaining everything and putting me at ease (as I naturally worry about anything and everything). I wanted the surgery done as soon as possible after speaking to Kevin as everything felt right. Kevin arranged this for me and before I knew it here I am after surgery thinking what was I ever worried about and why didn’t I get this done sooner, however, things happen for a reason and that reason I hadn’t had it done sooner was I hadn’t found the right place or team to do the transplant and I’m glad that happened as I found Harley street hair transplant. I would highly recommend Kevin - Dr Kalra and his team. Thank you all for giving me my confidence back and making me feel like a different person. I am 4 days into my recovery and feel great. If you are reading this review and are like me with worrying about everything then please stop worrying, you are in safe hands before, during and after the procedure with Kevin, Dr Kalra and his team, just go for it. Thank you all again 😁
Mark A
Mark A
Massive Thankyou to all the team . After months of indecision as to wether to have a hair transplant or not ,i finally made the decision to make that first call,im so glad i did,im so pleased i went with Dr Khalra and his team. I first spoke to Kevin he come across as a very honest and genuine guy who was certainly very knowledgable about all the procedure ,after speaking to him i decided that these were the people i wanted to go with. On the day of the procedure i was very nervous,but on meeting Dr Kalra and his team i was immediately put at ease ,he was very reassuring and such a lovely friendly guy as was his team,It was all very proffesionally done in a lovely clean and modern clinic in Bury. Throughout the day i felt i was in really good hands with Dr Khalra and his team Naz and Raz ( hope ive spelt it right). Im now 7weeks into my Fue hair transplant and looking forward to the coming months to see the results . Ive no hesitation in recommending Dr Khalra Kevin and the team ,they are definitely the right people to go to if you are considering having a procedure done . Again i cant thank you enough . Mark..
Rhys Jones
Rhys Jones
Great experience, Kevin walked me through every step of the process beforehand and helped with any questions I had along the way. Dr. Kalra and the team looked after me on the day which went great. Thanks guys for your help, amazing experience.


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